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Lip Reduction

Lip Reduction

Often because of genetic or ethnic factors, or sometimes even a ‘botched’ lip augmentation by an unskilled provider, an individual might feel that one or both of their lips are very large and out of proportion with other facial features. In such cases, a lip reduction is a perfect solution. The ideal upper lip to lower lip ratio should be 1:2.

A lip reduction is a outpatient procedure designed to bring the lips into proportion with the other facial features, accentuating the face rather than distracting attention. The source of large lips will include genetic/race, congenital defects, an injury to the lips, as well as a previous and poorly executed lip augmentation. Your lip reduction surgery would be tailored to fit your needs and desires as the patient, taking into account the form and dimension of other facial features.


Lip reduction is a simple procedure and takes about 30 mins per lip. During the procedure, a little strip of skin is horizontally removed from across the inside of the lip — just beyond the “wet line” of the lip. The outside of the lip is then turned inwards towards the inside of the mouth and the incision is sutured closed completely. The procedure can be performed on both upper and lower lips in the same session, or, within a cluster of plastic surgeries in the perioral area (around the mouth), and lower half of the face. The procedure might complement an upper lip lift, overall perioral rejuvenation, chin reduction surgery, or even a rhinoplasty. The scars are mostly inside the mouth and are reallynot visible from the outside.

Anesthesia and method:

It is done using local anesthesia, and when combined with the laser it is really a bloodless procedure. Often, a carbon – dioxide laser is used for lip reduction as it reduces the associated downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fillers are the most popular technique to plump up the thin lips. These are also a great option for shaping up the lips. One can expect a perfect pout using fillers. The fillers last up to a year, and a touch up is required to maintain it. Lip fillers procedure takes about 15mins to execute and ideal lip enhancement. The swelling from the procedure mainly subsides in a few hours to 2 days.
Lip augmentation can also be performed by using a process known as a fat transfer; wherein your plastic surgeon will harvest your body’s own fat – usually from the abdominal area. The fat is then prepared and injected into your lips at several insertion points to get fuller and plumper lips. Fat transfer for lips is very popular as it uses your body’s own fat rather than any artificial or foreign material that is grown in a lab. Artificial fillers are often re-absorbed by the body and necessitate frequent repeated injections. Fat transfer has permanent results for many people who elect the treatment.
Fat transfer, also called as fat grafting or fat injection, is an ideal way to increase volume in the face to gain a younger, more rejuvenated appearance. The fat transfer procedure involves harvesting fat cells from one part of your body and transferring them into another, usually to restore volume in the mid-face, under the eyes, lips, chin, or the cheeks.
While lip reduction is considered a safe and efficient procedure, like any type of surgery, there will be a very small chance of complications.

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