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Heavy drooping eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines that create the face look as its worried are a part of natural changes that happen with aging. Drooping eyebrows might cause the dropping of upper eyelids.

This could give an impression as if the eyebrows rested directly on the eyelashes. The problem can be settled by eyebrow lift surgery, which will make the eyes larger and brighter again, giving the whole face a more youthful andmore alert and energetic.


A brow lift could also be performed under IV sedation or general anaesthesia. After the medication is delivered and the patient is completely comfortable or asleep, an incision is created inside the hairline. The procedure is then performed through the subsequent steps:

Loose skin and weakened muscle will be separated from the frontal, or forehead, bone

Portions of weakened muscles close to the eyelids are removed and the brow is raised.

The raised brow is fixated using sutures or absorbable fixation devices

The incision is then closed. Typical procedure time is approximately two hours.

What is involved in an eyebrow lift?

The coronal brow lift is one of two primary brow lift techniques.

The other is the endoscopic brow lift.

Coronal Forehead Brow Lift

During the coronal brow lift procedure, your surgeon ties your hair back, and then trims the hair along the incision line. Your doctor finds the least visible spot to place incisions. Typically, the incision line is hidden along the hairline or in the scalp. Your surgeon will discuss where he will make the incision, and how it will be hidden after surgery, before you have the procedure. Once your surgeon trims the hair, a scalpel is used to make the incision. In the coronal forehead lift, the incision can stretch from ear to ear. Your surgeon lifts the forehead skin and removes excess tissue, repositions certain muscles, and stretches the skin to lift the eyebrows. Any excess skin is trimmed, and then the incision is closed.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift technique uses a small, thin camera device that's connected to a display monitor. The surgeon inserts the endoscope into small incisions made behind the hairline.

The surgeon looks at the monitor to view the muscles and tissues under the skin. Then, another device is inserted through one of the small cuts to lift the skin and remove or reposition muscles. Once the eyebrows and forehead are lifted, everything is secured into place using sutures.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift and forehead lift doesn’t affect lower eyelids.

Prepare for Your Brow Lift

Some life-style changes you have to make before you can have a brow lift. Your operatingsurgeon should give you careful instructions about what you need to do and when you need to do it.

For a better results recommend to have a manual lymphatic massage before and after the surgery.

You may need to stop smoking

You need to avoid alcohol

If you frequently take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drug, your surgeon will ask you to stop taking these for a certain period of time before the surgery. These drugs will cause increased bleeding and should be avoided.

Also, if your hair is long and will get in the middle of the procedure, you may have to trim it. If your hair is shorter, you might want to grow it out to cover any scars. Be sure to discuss all these things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scars will be formed after a surgical incision; however, the scar from a brow lift is generally unnoticeable because the incision is carefully placed and well concealed within the hairline.

Very oftenly brow lift can be performed in combination with any or all of the following procedures

A facelift

A neck lift

An eyelid lift

Patients usually see maximum results approximately 6-8-weeks after surgery.
Plastic surgeons are the sole physicians who can perform brow lifts. When finding out for a plastic surgeon, always look for one that is board certified
Patients, typically males, may develop blurry vision because of a sagging or drooping brow. When indicated, a brow lift will be performed to improve vision by raising the brow and opening the eyes.

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